Friday, May 11, 2012

Fitness Friday

Sorry so late friends, but Happy Friday (my fav day of the week)! My parents are my fitness inspirations and got me interested in and excited about staying healthy and maintaining a good fitness regimen so my blog would not be complete without fitness information and ideas!

Today is all about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle through fitness activities.  One of my new fitness obsessions is Tabata Training, a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout.   More or less, it is a spiced up cardio workout.  Each Tabata Training session is only 4 minutes.  You do 20 seconds of a certain exercise followed by a 10 second rest.  You do this for 4 minutes, and after the 4 minutes, you begin another exercise.  Typically, you do about 8 sessions, which is less than a 40 minute workout, and you get much better results than any other cardio exercise.  If you add Tabata Training to your fitness regimen just once a week, you will see and FEEL the results.  Start with exercises you feel most comfortable with such as mountain climbers, burpees, even jumping jacks or squat jumps.  You can even start with less sessions (like 4-5).  I have found that shaking up your routine with HIIT workorts like Tabata Training are awesome, though you WILL (not might) feel sore in areas you didn't know existed the next day!

The great thing about Tabata Training is that you can do it on YOUR OWN anywhere!  All you need is a stop watch or timer to help you complete each timed session.  I have done my own Tabata Training at my house using my stopwatch.  Remember you do each exercise for 4 minutes (20 seconds of high intensity with 10 seconds of rest). 

Tiny's Tabata Training Home Session

1. knee lifts
2. jumping jacks
3. burpees
4. ab exercise on a medium sized ball
5. walking lunges
6. squat jumps
7. arm exercise with light weights
8. jumping rope

Tiny's Oyster Pearl of Wisdom (OPW) for Fitness Friday is to "Walk It Out." :) It may sound cliche or like a rap song title (which it is), but one change makes a difference.  Instead of coming home from work, changing into your "home fit" (more on that later), and sitting idly watching TV, just put on a pair of tennis shoes and walk for 20-30 minutes.  It is one small change, that my mom taught me of course, to keep you active, even if you do not have time for the gym or a long workout.  It will increase your endorphins, give up energy, and help you stay healthy!  So, keep my OPW in mind and "Walk It Out!"  If you need more details or motivation, let me know!

The Tiny Librarian


  1. I'm just reading this on SUnday...You are gonna have to school me on the Tabata Training stuff...quick excercise is what I'm all about

  2. After a stressful day at work, u just have to force urself to do what is right for ur body and mind. Two words, "Happy Hour"

  3. After a stressful day at work, u really have to do what is right for ur body and mind! Two words, "Happy Hour"

  4. haha Love the comment. That is why I stress the importance of that you can enjoy liquid indulgence, Coach! :)