Monday, May 14, 2012

My mom is!

Happy Monday blog world! The humor in the title of this post is privy to the Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) watchers and the phrase comes from the funny, yet uncomfortable words of Brooks (Vicki's boyfriend)! :) So, for my post Mother's Day post, I wanted to celebrate my mom and all her beauty, charm, wisdom.  None of Oyster Pearls of Wisdom (OPWs) would exist without the knowledge she bestowed on me through the years, even if I wasn't so receptive during my teenage years!  Sorry, mom!  Hope I have made up for it treating you well since then.

Yesterday, at the request of mom, we went to brunch at the Crystal Ballroom at the Le Pavillon in New Orleans.  It was definitely a great way to spend Mother's Day, and we truly enjoyed ourselves, even if it was laughing at (or with) my picky-eating brother, David.  He is always trying to convince us he likes certain fancy fare or different foods; however, he is a meat, well done that is, and potatoes kind of guy.  He got some prime rib or roast or some type of red meat that looked, as Sooper JB put it, "like it came straight off the cow."  But David would rather eat the whole thing than admit he doesn't like MOOOing meat.  Same goes for anytime he eats food outside of his traditional food bubble.  Once, he even tried to convince us that he liked the taste of the jambalaya in Disneyland!  What native New Orleanian likes jambalaya from Disneyland in California?!  I enjoyed the brunch; however, as with all buffet like events, there are always items you like and dislike.  But the breakfast foods were particularly delicious.  The best part or later, the downfall, was the mimosas.  The waiter continued to fill my glass when I wasn't aware of it, which made me feel quite hungover later while Sooper and I were biking, but it was well worth it.  Very enjoyable, mom!

my marvelous mom

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day with their mothers!  I look forward to celebrating with my MIL in the next few weeks with a lovely dinner in New Orleans, hopefully, at one of Sooper and I's favorite New Orleans restaurants, Domenica.  She is the best...she listens to Sooper and I's crazy stories, teases me about my blond moments, AND feeds me very well at her house knows what I like!

My Oyster Pearl of Wisdom (OPW) is to always listen to your mother.  You may not always take her advice, but it will definitely help you make your decisions and form your opinions.  I might have learned and started taking this OPW seriously and gradually as I become an adult, but it has served me well.  I am still hoping to learn so much more in the present and future.  Yes mom, I do listen to you. :)

Confidential to my brother, David...Congrats on 5/7.  I am so proud of you and all your hard work! :)

Much love to mothers and others,
The Tiny Librarian

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  1. First of is 8/10! 5/7 was just for this test. Thanks :)! Secondly, I love everything I eat. Whether it be delicacies such as scallops out of the sea, edible gold leaves grown from the forest, or even strawberries and waffles from Ms. Amy's cooker....I love it all. Where are the strawberries you ask? Over there. Right...over...there! As far as the rare meat goes, it was exquisite! Extremely rare meat has the same color and texture as gum; you know how much I love to chew gum! My man.