Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tiny's First Blog

Yeah!  Today is my first blog inspired by no other than my very crafty blogger friend and the epitome of warm and fuzziness Lauren.  Check out her craftiness at Warm & Fuzzy.  Because I am a lover of all things related to health, fitness, fashion, literature and of course FOOD, especially New Orleans cuisine, I have decided to put my thoughts, ideas, and active, happy lifestyle into words!  My husband will probably also appreciate this idea and a new audience for me, since I am always telling him a thousand and one things about my passions and interests throughout the day. :)  So, I am starting this blog to share with ya'll.  Hopefully, you will find my ideas, recipes, and other OYSTER PEARLS OF WISDOM enjoyable and useful.

Well, first (after that rambling), I will tell you a little about me.  I am elementary school librarian in the New Orleans area, and newly married to my sweet husband Justin or as I will refer to him, Sooper JB (his XBOX gamer tag).  My husband is awesome and we really compliment each other well.  I am quite the outgoing, bubbly, overactive person, while he is quiet, patient, super supportive, and very witty.  I am a lucky girl!  I absolutely love being a librarian and working with children to instill a love of literature and learning.  I love anything and everything HEALTHY.  I am definitely a foodie and enjoy cooking all types of things, while also maintaining an active lifestyle, so that I am able to indulge in eating delicious food and desserts...yum!  On a side note, I titled the blog "The Tiny Librarian" because my husband also tells me I am tiny/small (I am 5"3).  That's it about me.  Feel free to post any questions or comments.

As my first post, I am starting off with fashion...calling it "Tiny's Trendy Tuesday."  Tuesdays are a good day for me to "look especially cute" for work, since I wake up early for spinning/morning swim and I wash and blow dry my hair, while watching the Today show, my fav.  The beautiful weather has given me Spring, or more like, Summer Fever.  To celebrate the approach of summer, I wore my white pants (J.Crew) and my salmon colored sweater (Banana Republic) and white sandals (Dillard's).   The pearl-rose pendant is from one of my favorite jewelry designers in New Orleans, Mignon Faget

I plan to also provide tips entitled "OYSTER PEARLS OF WISDOM" which could be about about my f-cubed (fashion, food, fitness). :)  Today's OPW...always pair a bold color with white (see image).  You could pair white skinny jeans with a great jade color top (one of my favorites) or pair a white tank with paisley print shorts.  It really makes the outfit stand out and makes you look polished!  You don't want to have a white out look, unless you are going to one of those type of parties.  That is all for the day...have a great Trendy Tuesday.  Hope to hear from ya'll soon!

The Tiny Librarian


  1. Serioulsy Julie! I love your blog!! But really thats why you look cute because you get up EXTRA early??? Thats my excuse to look bad...LOVE YOU!!

  2. Julie, this is awesome! Now I have a REAL reason to use this computer thingy. So, how do u feel about khaki shorts, and white tee shirt!

  3. SHUT UP is this wetzel...bc if it is I am offended that he has never gone to my blog!!

  4. Paul, yes, I love cute khaki shorts and white tee on a guy with some great colorful flip flops, aviator sunglasses, and a hat (visor). It is a casual and relaxed, yet fun look! Rock it, especially on Tiny's Trendy Tuesday.

    Lauren, I happened to mention it to Paul today so that may be the reason for his blog visit! :) You are the inspiration...this is just the beginning of our empire so take care of that ankle!

  5. Just over from the Blog Hop to say hi. Very cool blog! I blog on kid's media so your blog is a great resource for me. Love New Orleans, too. What a great city!