Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All Laced up...Tiny's Trendy Tuesday

It's Tiny's Trendy Tuesday...lace edition!

Saturday night, our last night in California, was bittersweet.  We were definitely ready for home, sweet home and "regular, everyday, life", but we were really spoiled with the amazing sunny weather, beach, and friends.  At home, the forecast for thunderstorms seemed very unwelcoming to say the least, especially for airplane flying.  :( And, it is quite an understatement to say that I am not a good airplane passenger, given I cried twice on the flights home for mild turbulence.  The flight attendant even noticed me crying in Sooper arms and loudly reassured me, which made it worse because then all the passengers around me were looking to see who the crazy girl was!  In addition, the pilot seemed to be a newbie at the whole flying thing in my expert opinion, so as he was landing the plane, rather wobbly, I began nervously singing, "noob, noob, noob" (which is Sooper JB's term for gamer newbies).  Surprisingly we landed safely, and Sooper and I were able to laugh about it in the end.  Also, we have sung that song quite a few times since then. :).  He is very patient and reassuring with me, which makes flying bearable with him.  It is a whole other story when I am flying alone...and a whole lot of crazy going on for sure!

Now, back to the regularly scheduled post topic...Tiny's Trendy Tuesday. We went to one of our favorite restaurants, The Salted Pig, for our last night in California. I decided that it would be "dress nice" night so we donned our dressy casual looks. Sooper wore his button down gingham dress shirt, dark wash jeans, and brown loafers. I wore my beautiful Pearl Southern Couture St. Rose eyelet lace skirt (available here) and purple racer-back tank with accompanying accessories. I absolutely love this lace skirt...It looks very feminine and romantic.  :)  You can dress it down for a casual look as I did or get fancy with a colorful or white silk top and wedges.  Another great option is a neutral colored look, like the off the shoulder top pictured in the image below from the Pearl Southern Couture website.  This skirt has become one of my favorite summer pieces because of its versatility in creating both casual and dressed up lace looks.  Casual

 * Confidential to my fellow LSU fans: Note the subtle purple and gold color scheme.  
It was a sad loss on Sunday, but cheers to a great season!
We always have next year...and LSU football to look forward to soon!
Geaux Tigers!

St. Rose white eyelet lace skirt: Pearl Southern Couture (available here)
vintage cotton tank: J.Crew (available here)
gold clutch: Coach
gold/cognac Stacie sandals: Steve Madden (available here)

back view of look
gold chain link bracelet: Banana Republic
gold knot earrings: Banana Republic (available here)
white/gold bangle: H & M

Pearl Southern Couture image for the St. Rose Skirt (available here)

Tiny's Oyster Pearl of Wisdom (OPW) is to always find great classic pieces, like a lovely lace skirt, that you can style to create both casual and dressed up looks.  You will definitely be able to create more looks with a pretty, lacey piece that you can style for different looks and occassions.  Also, lace adds a romantic feel and polished look to even the most casual basics.  So, lace up ladies! :)

Happy Tiny's Trendy Tuesday!
The Tiny Librarian

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  1. Loving the skirt and YAY for now staring at the ground pictures!!

  2. That skirt is gorgeous, and you look so pretty and chic! I hate flying, too. HATE IT. :-S

  3. Love that skirt! great look!

  4. love the skirt. i am obsessed with all things lace!

  5. I also dislike flying. I don't hysterical or scared just that I hate how it makes me so weak, tired and fatigued, especially long flights and I have had a lot of those flying from US to Europe and vice versa.

    You look incredible. Lovely skirt and I love racer-back tanks at summer time. =)