Wednesday, June 6, 2012

RevieWednesday: Today is Monday in Louisiana

It's that time of the week again...RevieWednesday!

For RevieWednesday, I will review the children's book, Today is Monday in Louisiana, by Johnette Downing, which is perfect for children from prekindergarten through second grade (yes, they even love this book!).  My students and I love this book, and I use it during my Louisiana lessons and activities each year, along with Johnette Downing's many others, including Chef Creole and Down in Louisiana.  The reason for this choice today, however, is twofold.  First, our family friend Sandy, who is also a children's librarian, was singing the song from the book on a beach trip with my mom and dad.  My mom asked me if I knew about the book because Sandy was singing the song, and now I can't get that song out of my head...I keep singing it on my run, in the hotel, at breakfast.  Thanks mom and Sandy!  :)  Second, it reminds me of all the delicious Louisiana food I miss!  I love traveling and trying new things, and California has different types of amazing food (sushi, Southwestern, Vietnamese, Mediterranean), but there is nothing better than Louisiana/Cajun cuisine.  Just thinking about it is making me crave some local favorites, and this book highlights many of my favorites, including red beans and rice, catfish, poboys, gumbo, and beignets...yum! 

Each day of the week focuses on a different Louisiana food.  The collage illustrations by Deborah Kadair are great, because they are simple, yet abstract.  This book is a great teaching tool for the days of the week, Louisiana culture, cooking, and unique Cajun/Louisiana cuisine.   This book may not be the best choice though for teaching healthy eating! :) 

This book can be purchased from Johnette Downing's website store for $16.99.

For all you teachers/librarians out there, check out Johnette Downing's website and free book activities here.  She has great teaching resources and printables available for this book and others.

Below is the video of the song sung by Johnette Downing along with the book's illustrations. Disclaimer: Don't watch if you are will become even hungrier!

For all those Texans, New Yorkers, and Kentuckians (?), Johnette Downing has versions of the book for ya'll too, except the culinary calendars are probably not as delicious! :)

Tiny's Oyster Pearl of Wisdom (OPW) is to explore books that highlight local heritage, customs, and cuisine.  Both adult and children's books can be eye opening and teach you something new and interesting about your local culture, for we are constantly shaping and changing our communities  A New Orleans book I look forward to reading next is Groove Interrupted: Loss, Renewal, and the Music of New Orleans by local author and Times-Picayune columnist Keith Spera.  The book focuses on post-Katrina New Orleans through the lives of local, iconic musicians, including Fats Domino, Aaron Neville, and Allen Toussaint.  I will let ya'll know more about the book after I read it!

Read a detailed description of the book and/or purchase it through Octavia Books.

What are some great local  literature titles for adults or children that you are reading? 
I love recommendations!
Now that I made everyone hungry for Louisiana cuisine...Bon Appetit! :)
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  1. I just made Ben Henry listen...and he was making MMmmmm sounds the whole time. Our field trip to see her sing this year was the best. She is awesome live. Great book and great performer.

    1. That is what I was doing too! :) She really is amazing...I want to get one of her newest books, Why the Oyster Has the Pearl!

  2. My second graders performed this song for the PTA meeting this year! We will do it again

  3. Thanks for the great review and comments about my Today is Monday in Louisiana book! Next up on the Today is Monday series is Today is Monday in South Carolina and Today is Monday in Massachusetts! Yummy reads! I hope you like Why the Oyster Has the Pearl. It is my favorite of all my books. My next release is Why the Possum Has a Large Grin. This book based on a Louisiana Choctaw tale will have little ones grinning from ear to ear!

    Thanks again for the wonderful review! My love to everyone at school!


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