Tuesday, July 10, 2012

RevieWednesday: Looking at Lincoln

Happy RevieWednesday!

I purchased the recently published book, Looking at Lincoln, written and illustrated by the very talented Maira Kalman. She has written and illustrated both adult and children's books and the cover art for many issues of The New Yorker. I love new biographies that are perfect for young elementary students.  As a librarian, I enjoy sharing biographies through text and illustrations that make history come alive! The book answers the question, "Who was Abraham Lincoln, REALLY?" This book definitely brings Abraham Lincoln's story to life through the perspective of a young girl. I really find it helpful the way Maira Kalman uses type text for historical facts and her characteristic handwriting text for the thoughts from the perspective of the young girl narrator. By infusing fun factoids into the book, such as his love of vanilla cake, his dog Fido, apples, music, reading, Kalman makes Lincoln's story interesting and enjoyable to elementary students.

Looking at Lincoln also delicately addresses the difficult topics of the slavery, the Civil War, the tragedies of war, and Lincoln's assassination. By including these topics and presenting them in appropriate way with fresh, interesting text and bold, beautiful illustrations, Lincoln's life can be easy for young students to comprehend. Biographies must be fun and entertaining to read to hook and engage young readers, and Maira Kalman shares Lincoln's childhood through his untimely death in her unique style of writing and illustrating! This children's biography is the perfect newest addition to any elementary school library, classroom, or home! It captures of the essence of our very influential 16th president who was...
"with malice toward none, with charity for all."

Looking at Lincoln written & illustrated by Maira Kalman
Nancy Paulsen Books (2012)
 Available via Amazon here.

What biographies do you know of that bring history alive for children?

Hope you enjoy Looking at Lincoln!
The Tiny Librarian

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